Care for every bonsai !

We will try to answer any of your questions regarding the care of your bonsai. In the nursery, advice is  free and you can come to see  us at the weekends or just send an email with some pictures of the issue.

In Red Sun Bonsai we provide full service for any tree. Depending on the season we provide services:

  • Transplanting (repotting) - including the soil and any additional treatment £25 for up to 30 cm pot; Additional £15 for every 10cm over.
  • Styling and pruning - £25 per hour (for trees up to 30cm)
  • Wiring and stayling - priced individually calculated based on the type and size of the tree and the type of the wire used.

We will collect and deliver back your tree, if you can not bring it to us. The expenses will be calculated on the standard transport rate currently at 45p per mile.

For a larger collection we will work in you garden as this eliminates the potential transport damage. Prices start from £200 plus travel expenses. For regular customers and longer engagements a discount is available.

All decision about the changes to your bonsai will be made with you and with  primary focus on the health of the tree.

We provide home care and holiday care for bonsai collectors. Charge is £5per tree per week, for a pot up to 30cm.

For larger specimens please contact us with a picture of the tree.

If you have any specific requirements regarding your bonsai, please just send us an email and we will do our best to support you.

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